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Program FAQ’s

Q How does the Dade Recycling program compare to other recycling fundraisers?
A • Dade Recycling continually strives to pay the highest overall payouts of any recycling fundraiser. Meaning you earn more money for every item you collect including broken cell phones.
• We are local so you don’t need to package items and schedule shipments. Simply place all items in the free recycling bin we provide. You will not be penalized if we receive cartridges that are not included on our price list, those items will be properly recycled.
• To schedule a pick up simply call 786-326-7382 or send us an e-mail at we will have one of our drivers pick up your recyclables within the week.
Q What does Dade Recycling do with the consumer electronics and metals it collects?
A • More than 80% of all the electronics we receive are reusable. Consequently each item is tested, reconditioned, and sold within the United States mostly to remanufactures. The revenue generated from the resale of used consumer electronics allows us the ability to pay schools, non-profits and businesses. We do not receive any State or Federal aid.
• The remaining 20% of the electronics we receive are unusable. These items are sent to refineries where metals and plastics are separated to be properly recycled. Some of the metals that can be recovered from this process are silver, gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, indium, selenium, tellurium, antimony, tin, bismuth, arsenic and base metals such as lead, copper and nickel.
Q Which electronic devices does Dade Recycling pay for?
A • Cell Phones
• Laptops & Notebooks
• Tablets
• MP3 Players
• Digital Cameras
• Digital Video Cameras
• GPS Devices
• Kindle & Sony Book Readers
• Rechargeable Batteries
Q We pay for most electronic devices collected including broken items and items not on our list. Prices on our list reflect working items only.
  • Working items are electronics that when tested by Dade Recycling: power up, have an undamaged LCD screen, make a test call (if applicable), have working internal components including the charge port, and are not cracked or otherwise damaged.
• Non-Working items that appear on our price list will be credited 20% of the corresponding working price.
• Newer working and non-working electronics not included on our price list will be credited at competitive prices.
• Dade Recycling cannot pay for damaged or unlisted ink and toner cartridges.
Q What happens to any information stored in the cell phones and laptop/notebook computers?
A • Before a cell phone is refurbished and resold for reuse each phone is ‘flashed’, i.e. software unlocks each phone enabling it to be reprogrammed. This process wipes the phone’s memory clean and enables a new number to be assigned.
• Dade Recycling strongly recommends that contributors clear the memories on their cell phones of any sensitive private information as well as ensure the service on any cell phone donated has been disconnected, to prevent fraudulent use.
• Dade Recycling will not be responsible for any information left stored in the memories of phones donated or their fraudulent use.
• Dade Recycling removes and destroys (drills) any hard drives that are sent inside laptop or notebook computers. Hard drives are sent to be crushed so that information cannot be recovered. Donors are welcome to remove their own hard drives before donating a laptop or notebook computer. Laptops and notebooks that are received without the hard drive will still be credited at the full listed price provided that the item is in working condition and has the hard drive caddy, connector and screws intact.
Q Do you accept accessories such as batteries and chargers, etc.?
A As cell phone batteries account for the majority of harmful substances related to cellular phone waste Dade Recycling encourages you to include phone batteries in your shipments.

Pick-up FAQ’s

Q Are Pickups free?
A Yes, pickups are free, provided you send at least 30 items appearing on our buyback list.
Q How do I schedule a free pick-up?
A Just e-mail us at or call 786-326-7382

Payment FAQ’s

Q When can my organization expect to receive payment?
A • Dade Recycling will mail your organization a check within 30 days of the items inspection date indicated on your confirmation email. Please make sure to provide us with your email address.
• The confirmation email will indicate the mailing address we have on file and who the check will be made payable to.
• It is important that you review the email to ensure all the information is correct. If any information needs to be changed, simply reply to the email with the revised information.
• It is also a good idea to put in your email address book to avoid our emails from being blocked by email filters.
Q What is the potential of a consumer electronics collection drive as a fundraising program?
A • We have had collection partners raise over $12,000 from a single drive and others raise less than $100. You are the only person who can assess how successful you or your team will be.
• There are well over 100 MILLION retired cell phones and other small electronics in the United States gathering dust in people’s homes and offices. Most people are quite happy to find a worthy cause to donate them to.
• Running a successful collection drive, however, is the same as running any successful fundraising drive. Your success will depend largely on the preparation and effort you put into it. Based on our experience with the most successful drives, we would suggest you consider incorporating at least some of the following elements into your Dade Recycling collection drive:

  • Set an aggressive but achievable goal in terms of the number of items to be collected or dollars to be raised. Make sure people know what that is.
  • Utilize the marketing materials we provide to let people know you are collecting empty ink and toner cartridges as well as used cell phones and small electronics. Make sure to tell everyone what the money you raise will be used for.
  • Find innovative ways to challenge and motivate your core team of volunteers. Will they benefit directly from the funds raised? Would it be worthwhile to provide some sort of recognition or prize for those who collect the most items? Schedule regular get-togethers for individuals to bring in the items they have collected – make it a social gathering and have fun.
  • Determine what group of donors you wish to approach and determine the best way to address them. Whether by letter, email, neighborhood door drops, through their children, in combination with some other event, etc. Don’t restrict yourself to the obvious. Be creative!
  • Don’t rely on people to bring you their items. If someone indicates they have empty cartridges or used cell phones to donate, offer to pick the items up.
  • Make use of the fact that the donations are tax deductible.