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Dade Recycling offers local businesses the opportunity to provide a vital service to our community by recycling electronic waste, while raising money for your own goals or on behalf of a charitable organization. Help your business promote and maintain a green image by recycling your ink and toner cartridges on an ongoing basis.

There are absolutely no fees or costs to your company. We will provide you with collection bins and pick up them up for free.

Here is how our program works:

1. Register
Call us 786-326-7382 or register online
2. Recycling Bin Drop Off
We will deliver our recycling bin and assist you in placing it in a central location at your facility.
3. Inform Staff
Notify your staff that you are recycling empty printer cartridges and used cell phones. Encourage everyone to bring their empty cartridges and used cell phones from home.
4. Printer Cartridges and Cell Phone Collection
Drop off every empty print cartridge and used cell phone from work and home into our recycling bin.
5. Request a Pick Up
Once the recycling bin is FULL contact us to schedule a free pick up.
E-mail us at or call 786-326-7382.
6. Pick up
We will send our driver to collect your empty printer cartridges and used cell phones within 4 business days of receiving your pickup request.
7. Inspection
Every cartridge and used cell phone we receive will be inspected in our warehouse. A detailed receipt will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as the inspection process is completed.
8. Payment
We will mail your company or the non-profit organization of your choice a check with a donation for every printer cartridge that can be re-used and for every cell phone regardless of its condition.

Support –A-Cause

Please partner with us in eliminating electronic waste from our landfills while supporting great local charities to achieve their fundraising goals. Find an organization you would like to help and enroll as a supporter, there are absolutely no fees or costs to your company. Go ahead enroll today and Support-A-Cause!

Program Resources

You may download the following customizable flyers and e-mail templates to help you promote your company’s green initiative.

Program Details

The terms of the program are as follows:

Cell Phones: Dade Recycling pays between $0.25 and $200 for every cell phone. Prices on our list reflect working phones only. Working phones are phones that include a battery, turn on, have good LCD screens, are able to make a test call and are not cracked or otherwise damaged.
Broken phones will be credited 20% of the corresponding working phone price. We will also pay $0.25 for phones that do not appear on our buyback list.

Cell Phone Accessories: You may include all accessories such as chargers, cases, earpieces, as long as they belong to cell phones.

Inkjet Cartridges: Dade Recycling pays up to $3.00 for every Re-usable inkjet cartridge according to our buyback list. Unlike most competitors we do pay for Epson, Canon, and Brother Ink tanks. Re-usable ink cartridges are cartridges that have not been refilled before, are not cracked, have good electric circuits, and have intact nozzle plates.

Toner Cartridges: Dade Recycling pays up to $12.00 for every Re-usable toner cartridge according to our buyback list. We accept every laser toner cartridge included in our list or not and we will credit your account according to our buyback price list for brand name cartridges that have only been used once.

Privacy Policy: Dade Recycling will not sell or allow an affiliate or third party to use any of the information provided by program participants for the purposes of solicitation.

Email Addresses: Dade Recycling uses email as our primary means of communicating with program participants. It is extremely important that program participants provide valid email addresses.

Data Destruction: Many of the cell phones we receive are destroyed and recycled according to EPA guidelines. This process effectively destroys all information stored in the cell phones. In the event a cell phone is refurbished for reuse each phone’s data is cleared in accordance with NIST Special Publication 800-88 “Guidelines for Media Sanitization” by our partners. Our recycling partners data clearing process wipes the phone’s memory clean and enables a new number to be assigned. However, Dade Recycling strongly recommends that donors clear the memories on their cell phones of any sensitive private information before donating them. In addition, donors should always ensure the service on any cell phone they donate has been disconnected, to prevent fraudulent use. Dade Recycling will not be responsible for any information left stored in the memories of phones donated or their fraudulent use.

Payment Policy: Dade Recycling has minimum accounts payable requirement of $10 before we mail out a check for items collected. If you do not meet the $10 minimum, we will hold your money from previous collections until you accumulate at least $10 and then we will mail you a check. Any account that has a pickup for less than $10 and does not accrue the minimum ($10 amount) within 1 calendar year will forfeit their proceeds.

Seller’s Warranty: Seller covenants and guarantees that the cartridges being sold to Blue Trading, LLC is the property of the seller with all rights to resell the cartridges without any restrictions on the seller’s rights to resell to Blue Trading, LLC. Seller warrants and promises to indemnify Blue Trading, LLC, from the claims of any parties who claim an interest in or to the cartridges. Seller further warrants that the empty or surplus cartridges were collected from a source within the United States or were acquired directly from a supplier who sells the cartridges in the ordinary course of their business within the United States.